Electronic Gadgets Or Gift Baskets For Fathers Day

160Gifts for men are somewhat limited; men have been stereo typed as being rugged grease monkeys so electronics and tools are possibly the only gift that any man will like. This is a problem because women detest having a garage cluttered with tools that are never going to be used and men will create any amount of clutter just to learn how to use something and if they can’t figure it out, it’s going straight in the trash.

The thing with buying electronic gadgets for fathers day is that it isn’t typically the holiday when gadget making companies will launch a new easy to use item that you won’t have to worry about your dad being able to use. It’s more the time when people try and sell off useless gadgets that aren’t likely to be used by anyone in their right minds. That’s one major reason why buying electronics in an off season is a bad idea.

Then there’s the recurring nature of these gifts, just how many digital album key chains can you give your dad? Although you give mom flowers for mothers day every year, she doesn’t have them lying around the next year and fresh ones can usually find a place but key chains or disposable cameras or anything else that you can find a circuit attached to doesn’t really have much of a purpose to it. With digital gifts there’s always the problem of will dad be able to learn how to use it or if it’s simple, does he need it?

Fathers day baskets or pretty much any other food themed gift is a better idea for dad because food never goes to waste and it’s never a bad gift. Everyone eats and for some reason, men are normally huge food fans. There are different gift baskets themes available so if you’re imagining something filled with soap and bath bubbles, try looking for gift baskets for men. If gift baskets don’t strike as the right kind of thing for your dad, try fruit bouquets that come in sports themed containers. They’re fresh fruit arrangements that look delicious and the containers are shaped like basket balls, NASCAR race cars or golf balls. Your dad doesn’t need to learn how to eat them and they’re food themed.